Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nothing Says 'Rock n Roll' Like Wall to Wall Taxidermy

This is what an actual legendary good time looks like @ The Trophy Room in Prospect, Oregon.  Thanks to Steven Riley for all the photos!

Last Friday night is a shining example of why The Legendary Goodtimes do what they do.

All the right elements were in place.  Beautiful, sunny Southern Oregon.  Cool local folks who love to get down.  Cold beverages, hot chicken strips, and a dance floor on fire.  A great local band sharing the bill.  Taxidermy.

Well, the night started out like this....

...then this happened...

...which led to this happening...

...which obviously caused this.

Yes, The Goodtimes returned to a favorite stomping ground, The Trophy Room in Prospect, Oregon.  Dave, Matt, and Mark are always pleasantly surprised at how the locals are a bunch of fun loving, good natured people who just want to rock out.

And rock out everyone did.  Totally epic night.

Black Ink Breakdown, breakin' it down!

Purple Ink Breakdown!

Sharing the stage and standing beneath the majestic taxidermy turkeys was one TLG's favorite Southern Oregon bands, Black Ink Breakdown.  The Goodtimes and Black Ink have shared many a bill over the last year, with more to come this season.  The first time these two bands met, TLG was barely off the ground, and BIB was playing short sets of originals with a couple covers mixed in.  On Friday, Black Ink played almost two hours of original songs.  These guys have come a long way, and TLG is always proud to support them.

 Matt Jameson!

 David Moore!

Mark Anderson!  WOOOOO!!!!!

Yep, Southern Oregon knows how to party.  If any pregnancies resulted from Friday night's festivities, The Legendary Goodtimes would just like to say, "You're welcome."

After-party, baby, yeah!  Matt, Mark, and Mr. Steven Riley.

When the last amp was turned off, the final guitar packed safely away, The Goodtimes found a comfy spot at the bar for a little after hours party.  At some point, there was a walk to the nearby motel and some heavy slumbering, but the details become a bit foggy at this point...

Many thanks to all who attended this splendid evening of music and good times.  Extra special thanks to Taryn and Matt of the Trophy Room, you guys are the greatest!

'Til next time, Goodtimers.

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