Monday, March 17, 2014

A Night of Mystery and Good Times in Rogue River

Rocket Maaaaaan!! (and you know it's gonna be a Good Good Time)
TLG @ Cattlemen's in Rogue River, March 15, 2014.
Thanks to Steven Riley for the pics, and to Sarah Walch for that first joke.

The Legendary Goodtimes love going new places and rocking new faces.  Making groovy, soul shakin' tunes is priority #1 for TLG, but hosting a musical throw-down in a different town comes in a very close second.  

On Saturday, Cattlemen's in Rogue River was the scene of the Traveling Sonic Good Time Machine, and just like always, there were surprises waiting for the band.

100 Watt Mind rockin' the motherlovin' house!

The first surprise was one of The Low O's best and brightest stars, 100 Watt Mind, already rockin' the outdoor stage when TLG rolled in.  Always a pleasure to see this hardworking powerhouse do what they do best--melt faces and make booties shake!

"Get down" is a literal term.  This is how it's done.

"I like to play."

The Goodtimes took to the outdoor stage at around 9:30, and payed tribute to The Great Rock Spirit for about 45 minutes.

Then came surprise number two... a "contest."

The exact details of this so-called "contest" remain sketchy.  For the record, Matty and Dave moved their equipment (and themselves) back several yards to make way for an entourage of white-clad ladies (and their bodygaurds).  

What is happening here?  Everyone's expression is priceless, but Mark wins, hands down.

What happened next is sworn to secrecy on social media.  The Legendary Goodtimes--after much creative photoshopping and consideration--can only offer this heavily cropped picture as evidence of this alleged so-called "contest."  Please use your imagination, and enjoy.

Keep it funky.  Uh!

After the suspected alleged so-called "contest," TLG returned to a slightly soggy stage to tear it up for another 45 minutes....

...until it got really cold.  Then came surprise #3.  With the speed of three leopards, The Goodtimes picked up their entire stage setup...

Rock your body!

...and brought it inside the bar!  A funkified dance-off was absolutely necessary.

Rock your soul!

After all the boogie-woogie-all-night-longin', TLG looked at the clock.  1:38 AM.  A new record in stamina for the band.  Truly an Epic Night.  So the band played two more songs, just to make it A Legendary Night.

Funk, yes!

The Goodtimes love Rogue River.  The locals are fun bunch of folks, and appreciative of original music.  Bill and Jinny of Cattlemen's treated the band like family; The Goodtimes parted ways with a promise to return to this excellent Southern Oregon music venue.

You know you want to be there.

Stay tuned!  The Goodtimes are playing with 100 Watt Mind this very Friday the 21st of March @ Howies on Front in Medford!  See you then...

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