Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Legendary Trip In A Rock n' Roll Time Machine: Part I

The Legendary Goodtimes getting seriously high 
@ Double R Pub in Rogue River 5-23-14.

Great Scott!  Much has transpired since the last blogging of the band's Legendary Deeds!  So many faces have been melted into gooey rock puddles!  How ever shall we begin to chronicle months of Rock n Roll Mischief?  

Like this totally epic night in Rogue River waaaaay back in May... the first three rows of females accidentally became pregnant simply by listening to TLG's new songs!  For legal reasons, and because several paternity suits are pending, The Legendary Goodtimes consider this mass impregnation to be a totally unrelated coincidence.  Also rocking that night was Ponderosa Breeze, friends of The Goodtimes and all-around cool guys.

TLG testing out some prototypes for their new line of Rock Poses
@ The Rockytonk Saloon in Medford 6-8-14.

And what about the Battle of the Beards back in June?  The band hasn't seen that many bearded ladies since their last tour of Kazakhstan.  The dudes had some impressive facial hair, too.  Sharing the stage for the first time that evening was Buckle Rash, the local punk-country phenomenon--awesome bunch of guys with high energy tunes.  Highly recommended Southern Oregon music, so say All of Us.

This kid was on crutches just moments before--the power of Rock healed his body, and he expressed the Joy of Music through this interpretive dance.

TLG was stoked to play the wedding reception of their friends Michael and Stephanie in August.  These two crazy kids have been to so many Goodtimes shows, they've almost earned Honorary Membership in the band.  All ages shows are always some of the best, and this one was a prime example.  The kids joined the band onstage for much of the performance, dancing and Rockin Out.  Too much fun.

A room full of dancing girls, booze, and music.  You've been to a Goodtimes show, right?  You need to go.  Seriously.  @ Cattlemen's in Rogue River 8-22-14.

The band returned to one of their favorite venues on Planet Earth, Cattlemen's Saloon in Rogue River, with the express goal of makin' booties shake.  Mission accomplished.  Matt got up on the bar (with the owner's permission, of course). David made several ladies swoon (from a safe distance, of course, as he also got married a few weeks prior).  Mark played his drums so fast, the music actually ripped a hole in the space time continuum, nearly creating an alternate universe where all matter is replaced by solid Rock.  Amazing.

Partyin' down in their hometown, TLG brings the Rock to Medford
@ Howies on Front 8-30-14.

Oh snap!  The boys brought their song and dance to Howie's on Front, delighting the Medford late night crowd with marvelous Acts of Rock.  Opening the evening was a very new band in the local scene, The John Dough Boys.  Have you seen them, have you heard of them?  You should.  Rowdy blackgrass awesomeness abounds.  Matty recently recorded their debut EP at the Goodtimes Ranch, and it sounds pretty damn good.

Dialing in the sound at Bluejay Audio.

Early in September, TLG spent the day with their favorite recording engineer, Mark Thomas Johnson of Bluejay Audio.  The boys hauled their gear out to the Bluejay studio in Jacksonville to make a few test recordings for their upcoming second album.  You may remember that Johnson recorded the first TLG album to analog tape back in 2012, a feat the band is preparing to repeat this Winter.  Stay tuned for more info on the new record!

October 3rd!!!  The Legendary Goodtimes will save Cattlemen's Saloon in Rogue River from snakes!  By hitting them.  With a gun.  Yeah.

Wowie!  That almost brings this Time Machine up to the present day, but there are still THREE more shows to chronicle from the past month, so check back soon for A Legendary Trip In A Rock n' Roll Time Machine: Part II!  In the meantime, come hang out with The Goodtimes in Rogue River on October 3rd, hear music destined for the upcoming second album, and share in an Evening of Massive Feats of Rock!  See ya then.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Goodtimes Go To Ashland

 Wheedly wheeedly wheeedly WEEEEE!!!!! Matt takes a solo during TLG's set @ Club 66 in Ashland 5-2-14

Sometimes, the Goodtimes play to a packed room.  Sometimes, an empty room.  In their travels, TLG has discovered that you don't always get the crowd you desire, but you must ALWAYS play your heart out, no matter how many folks show up.  Playing in front of 3 people is no different that 30,000--play that music like you mean it, like you wrote it, like you own it.

And so they did, at Ashland's Club 66, and it was Good.


First up was Medford's newly reborn (as a two piece!) SIP aka Survive in Peace.  Everyone loves a heavy duo (think White Stripes, Local H, Black Keys...) and TLG loves SIP.   These fellas bring a lot of energy and love to what they do, which earns them The Eternal Respect and Brotherhood of Struggling Musicians Everywhere.  Our hats are off to these excellent Gentlemen of Rock.

 This happened, for realsies.

TLG, keepin' it tight.

TLG played a full set, decked out in their finest Rock Regalia, with an extra helping of Sweaty Awesome Rock Poses.  Though attendance was light that night, the boys gave it their all, and the Great Rock Spirits nodded in approval.  Success. 

What about the very next morning?  What was the band doing then, you ask?  

 No pressure.  

The band was back in Ashland the next day, inside a television studio.

Matty J, runnin' in the shadows.

Dave and Mark just before the final note of the session.

Without giving away too much, the Rock was thrown down for the auditory and visual pleasure of all Earthlings.  Stay tuned for some live videos of TLG, courtesy of Rogue Valley Television.

Rock n roll in Rogue River!

TLG returns to Rogue River on May 23 @ Double R Pub!!  They will be joined by Southern Oregon's Ponderosa Breeze.  Come quaff beverages and hang with the band!

And that is all.  Check back soon for more hijinks.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Keep Calm and Have A Really Good Time

The Southern Oregon Music Family unites for the 2014 Unofficial Chive Meetup @ The Rockytonk in Medford!  4-26-14

The Legendary Goodtimes believe in Random Acts of Kindness, so when word came that The Chive was holding a unofficial meet-up and charity fundraiser, the guys were stoked.  What could be better than hanging out with super cool Southern Oregon music folks and raising money for good causes?  

Black Ink Breakdown filling ear holes with excellency.

First up that Friday night was one darned hardworking band, staffed by the finest young rock musicians in the Rogue Valley:  Black Ink Breakdown.  TLG will now go on record saying they are anxiously awaiting for BIB to release their debut album.  No word yet on when that nugget of ass-kicking rock n' roll will drop...

 Mister Dave!

 Senor Mark!

 Monsieur Matt!

By the time TLG took the stage, The Rockytonk was overflowing with handsome Chivers and gorgeous Chivettes.  The love was in the room.  Comforting pictures of Bill Murray were in abundance.  Prizes were raffled, items were auctioned, and a Really Good Time was triumphantly had by all.  Huzzah!

Left to right:  Matt Jameson, Sparklehorse Unicorn Moore, and Mark Anderson.

Then, without warning, Dave transformed into a majestic unicorn.  Everyone swooned.

The Legendary Goodtimes (and The Masters of the Universe) return to Ashland!

Come back soon to see what TLG and Survive in Peace did at Club 66 last weekend!

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Legendary Weekend: Part II, or, TLG and The Benevolent and Protective Order of The Elks

Fuzzy memories:  The Legendary Goodtimes @ The Elks Lodge in Medford

The Legend continues at a blinding pace!  The blog, on the other hand, is a way behind schedule.  Womp womp.   Obligatory tongue-in-cheek blog post for a gig that happened over a week ago, commencing now....

TLG on the marquee!  Yeah baby!

For the very first time, The Legendary Goodtimes were honored to play Medford's Elks Lodge.  It was also a rare opportunity for the band to play an all-ages event (and to haul all their gear up two flights of stairs to the most excellent Elks ballroom).

Taxidermy + local sponsors + Mark Anderson = TLG back with those block rockin' beats!

The festivities that evening were in support of The Maslow Project, a local outreach program for homeless youth and their families.  The Goodtimes believe in doing Good Things, and were delighted to offer their music in support of those in need.

 When I say "Legend," you say "Dairy!"


TLG played a quick and dirty opening set.  Oh snap!  The Goodtimes love a 45 minute set.  It requires the same amount of energy as a 2 1/2 hour set, but without the need to ration one's strength.  Go wild, baby!

 Survive In Peace!

Benjamin of SIP getting crazy with his bad self!

Up next was Southern Oregon's rock trio, Survive In Peace aka SIP!  This was Goodtimes' first show with SIP, which the band found to be an agreeable and groovy experience.  Lucky for everyone, TLG and SIP have another bill to share this very weekend.

 Black Ink Breakdown!

BIB rockin the Elks!

The final band of the evening hardly needs an intro on this page.  The Legendary Goodtimes and Black Ink Breakdown have played many shows together over the last year; TLG considers these fellas Brothers In Rock, not to mention bonafide Southern Oregon Rock Royalty.

Keep Calm and Chive On.

The gigging season just wont quit!  Check back later for the highlights of The Second Annual Unofficial Chive Meetup @ The Rockytonk Grill and Saloon in Medford!  It was an EPIC night.  You want to see the pics.  You want to read the bad jokes.  Come back soon...

Chive on, Goodtimers!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Legendary Weekend: Part I

The Legendary Goodtimes: bringin' the good times @ Caldera Tap House in Ashland.

A Short Recipe For a Kick Ass Night of Rock 'n Roll

Mix (2) Southern Oregon original rock bands with (1) well attended pub serving local brews.  Slowly stir in a dozen pretty dancing girls, (1) local saxophone wizard, and a dash of shady parking lot shenanigans.  Shake vigorously.  Serve steaming hot, with a side of awesome sauce.

These girls are on fire!

The Legendary Goodtimes gaze upon their favorite thing ever...

Yes, Caldera Tap House in Ashland was jumping last Friday night.  The Goodtimes are always thrilled to quaff Caldera's legendary brewskis whilst rockin' the tap house stage.

Three things you can expect at a TLG show:  (1) Dave jumpin' around and making some crazy face....

 ... (2) Mark's head partially visible behind his cymbal force field...

... (3) and Matty J pulling off a laid back rock pose when he's not glued to the microphone.  All standard Goodtimes procedure, as laid out in The Legendary Goodtimes Rock 'n Roll Handbook (2014 Edition), available wherever fine books aren't sold.

TLG was privileged to see so many familiar and new faces.  Some expressed the joy of music through interpretive crunking, while some just danced, bobbed heads, or chilled in the back, soaking up the vibes.  The Legendary Goodtimes will now go on record saying they love ALL of your faces, and are grateful for your energy and sweet dance moves.

Dave getting busy with the lap steel.  

The Goodtimes were feelin' a frisky at those fun-filled Friday festivities.  The slide guitar came out to play.  Dave and Matt took a seat on the stage and proceeded to play a ripping version of "Wicked Way" from their first album, a song the band only occasionally plays live.  The Great Rock Spirits nodded in approval, and all was groovy.

Jive Coulis w/ special guest Brian Risling!

After 80 minutes of mostly new, unreleased music, TLG played a final encore: a heavy rendition of "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen.  The band then stepped aside to make way for Southern Oregon's very own Rock n' Roll Wooly Mammoth, the one and only JIVE COULIS!  The boys were joined for part of their set by the incomparable Brian Risling, sax player of the Low O's own Brian Risling & Airtight Alibi.  Wow.  Mega awesome set from Jive.

Random TLG factoid:  The Goodtimes first ever gig was Jive Coulis' CD release party for their second album, Sauce.  

Three local bands playing for a good cause....

The Legend was destined to continue the very next night!  The Goodtimes do a rare double header weekend:  Friday night at Caldera with Jive Coulis, and Saturday night at The Elks Lodge with Black Ink Breakdown and SIP!  All the gooey details soon to follow, so check back soon...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

TLG + Medford = ♡

Dance, magic, dance!  The Legendary Goodtimes and the Southern Oregon Music Family shakin' it @ Howie's on Front in Medford.

The Goodtimes love Saturdays.  It's a good day for jumping off speaker cabinets, doing knee slides, windmills, rock kicks, and making all manner of rock faces.  Fridays are similarly awesome, of course, but now we turn our attention to last Saturday, when TLG showed up at Howie's On Front to summon The Great Rock Spirits.

 Matt Jameson, getting really high.

Mark's impromptu hair dying in the Howie's men's room turned out great!

Mr. Moore, feelin' it like a Sir, as per usual.

Medford is homebase to The Legendary Goodtimes; Howie's is about a three minute drive from The Band Cave.  The guys were stoked to perform Feats of Rock in their own back yard, including a steaming hot batch of new songs, which might destined for their rumored second album.

100 Watt Mind!!! 

Brynna and Skyler of 100WM.

Opening the evening was Medford's own 100 Watt Mind.  Their performance was saucy, sultry, bluesy, and totally badass.  TLG considers this band a Crown Jewel of the Rogue Valley music scene--you need to see them, and you should definitely buy their debut album, Out of Night.

TLG on fire!

 You could poke somebody's eyes out with that thing!! ...the guitar is dangerous, too.

It should go without saying, but just to be clear--a Really Good Time was had by all.

TLG w/ Jive Coulis @ Caldera Tap House in Ashland, 4-18-14.

The Legendary Goodtime's gigging season continues April 18th!  TLG will be joined by their Brothers in Rock, Ashland's very own rock n' roll behemoth, Jive Coulis!  Come on down to Caldera Tap House and enjoy some of Southern Oregon's best rock n' roll and microbrews.  Don't miss it, and keep checking back for more Low O' music shenanigans!