Sunday, May 4, 2014

Keep Calm and Have A Really Good Time

The Southern Oregon Music Family unites for the 2014 Unofficial Chive Meetup @ The Rockytonk in Medford!  4-26-14

The Legendary Goodtimes believe in Random Acts of Kindness, so when word came that The Chive was holding a unofficial meet-up and charity fundraiser, the guys were stoked.  What could be better than hanging out with super cool Southern Oregon music folks and raising money for good causes?  

Black Ink Breakdown filling ear holes with excellency.

First up that Friday night was one darned hardworking band, staffed by the finest young rock musicians in the Rogue Valley:  Black Ink Breakdown.  TLG will now go on record saying they are anxiously awaiting for BIB to release their debut album.  No word yet on when that nugget of ass-kicking rock n' roll will drop...

 Mister Dave!

 Senor Mark!

 Monsieur Matt!

By the time TLG took the stage, The Rockytonk was overflowing with handsome Chivers and gorgeous Chivettes.  The love was in the room.  Comforting pictures of Bill Murray were in abundance.  Prizes were raffled, items were auctioned, and a Really Good Time was triumphantly had by all.  Huzzah!

Left to right:  Matt Jameson, Sparklehorse Unicorn Moore, and Mark Anderson.

Then, without warning, Dave transformed into a majestic unicorn.  Everyone swooned.

The Legendary Goodtimes (and The Masters of the Universe) return to Ashland!

Come back soon to see what TLG and Survive in Peace did at Club 66 last weekend!

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