Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Legend of a Really Good Time

The Legendary Goodtimes
at 2013 Last Band Standing in Medford, Oregon.

Once upon a time, a ragtag band of musicians decided to write their own stuff and just go for it.  

With only their instruments and the meager handful of coins the band members pooled, they would traverse the land, offering song and dance.  In return, sometimes they were richly rewarded; sometimes they were left penniless for their efforts.  The band faced many obstacles and foes, but they never gave up trying to spread their music to lands far off.  

They never quit because they believed in The Legend of a Really Good Time.

The Legend is old as the hills, passed down for many generations.  Like all legends, The Legend of a Really Good Time changes over time and with many tellings.  It is impossible to tell the entire story, and even summarizing it is no simple task.  Some even believe it is a myth.  

Listen now and hear me later:  BELIEVE.  

The Legend is true!

This blog is about one band from Southern Oregon, and their quest to add another Chapter to this Mighty Legend of Olde.

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